February 26, 2015


We went to the Washington DC Temple last Thursday! All the missionaries who are going home this month got to go together with President and Sister Wilson. I love the temple. It was such a beautiful experience.

We got about a foot of snow! I have pictures with Flat Stanley at the temple and at the Lincoln Memorial! 🙂 Sister Wilson was an elementary school teacher, so she knows all about Flat Stanley. By the way, we get to finish our email time right now, even though its not a Monday, so yay! Anyway, we went to the temple on Thursday. It was AMAZING. It was beyond that though. I got to see one of the new films that I haven’t seen yet. And the temple is so HUGE! Plus we got to see the visitor’s center very briefly. I bet you know this already, but there are only two temples that have the scale-model temple in the visitor’s center where you can see inside, SLC, and DC! So it was cool to see that. The Spirit was so strong there! I felt so at peace. I am so glad that I got to go! Are we going to do a session together when you come? If so, we need to have family names to do… just an FYI. Plus we have to make an appointment. I would REALLY REALLY like to be able to do that when you guys come to pick me up. Is that possible? https://www.lds.org/church/temples/washington-dc?lang=eng#tab=info


So yeah! They DID move our P-day, but then we were snowed in today and all the libraries closed. It really was like a “state of emergency” for Virginia. At the Kroger all the milk and chips were gone. Cleaned out. People gotta have the essentials I guess! We went to Walmart, and there were two very…backwoodsy (to say the least. trust me) guys in front of us buying two gallons of whole milk, 10 cans of Campbell’s chunky soup, and 1 pack of Kraft singles. Clearly they were stocking up for the week haha. It just seemed funny to me haha. 🙂 I’m very glad I know how to drive in snow though, because if I didn’t we would have had a lot more trouble. We live up a small hill, but with no snow tires and front-wheel-drive only on a small car, we didn’t know if we’d make it up the hill or not. We were watching car after car (there was a small line) try and fail. But I was watching them and saw how they were driving wrong, and just seriously didn’t have any idea how to drive in the snow (like trying to idle up to the hill and apply the gas only when on the actual slope, with no momentum etc.) but we said a prayer that we’d make it up, and you know what! Heavenly Father answers prayers said with faith, because we made it up almost without a hitch.

ok so January Passed her Baptismal Interview!!!! It’s official that she is getting baptized on Saturday at 5:00pm 🙂 I’m singing a song at the baptism called “Come Unto Christ” https://www.lds.org/youth/video/come-unto-christ-2014-theme-song?lang=eng

Our investigator Hannah disappeared last week and missed TWO appointments with us!! We could not get a hold of her and her car wasn’t home either. We finally decided to try driving by one more time to see if she was home, and she WAS! It turns out that during all the bad weather she stayed at her parents house. Anyway she invited us right in, and we asked her if she wanted to have a tour of the church building so she could feel more comfortable when she comes on Sunday. She said “Sure!” We asked her if we could do that right now, and she said yes again! So she followed us to the building and we had a wonderful spiritual tour, and taught her about baptism and confirmation in the font room. She was all geared up to come to church the next day, and we were even going to go over early to help her get her girls ready for church. Then she texted us in the morning and told us she was in the hospital with her grandmother– she fell once earlier this week, then fell again that morning and it was more serious. Sadly, this means that she can’t be baptized on the 14th, which would have been AMAZING because you guys could have been at the baptism! But we’ll see if we can make an exception because I would LOVE for you to see the baptism of someone I taught!!! 😀  BUT she wants to come to January’s baptism on Saturday :D. I know that because she’s starting to recognize the Spirit, her testimony will grow. I love her so much!

ALSO some huge miracles this week– January and her daughter came to church, but her husband also came!!!! Sister Morales translated for him. He only stayed for Sacrament, but it was awesome!! And two less-active families that we have been trying to work with for the past two months showed up too! It was so amazing! Even though Hannah couldn’t come, we still had so many blessings.

I know that story about Grandpa Bennett! I read it on LDS.org! Here’s the link https://www.lds.org/ensign/1982/04/the-microfilm-mission-of-archibald-f-bennett?lang=eng

Here is the part of the story that you told me about:

“From England, Brother Bennett traveled in the company of Alma Sonne, European Mission president, to Stockholm. At a gathering of LDS mission presidents from across Europe, Brother Bennett impressed upon them his own deep feeling for the immediacy of the work: “I told them I, too, was speaking in behalf of a mission field—more extensive and including more people than all the other missions combined. Despite the fact that it was under the Presidency of the Prophet Joseph Smith and was blessed with labors of numbers of the greatest missionaries for 117 years, not a single baptism had been performed in that mission. They had made converts, perhaps millions of them, but no baptisms [meaning that ordinance cannot be performed in the spirit world; it must be done on earth by proxy]. For their mission to succeed, the records to identify those in the spirit must be gathered from the nations and sent to the temples.” 15      









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Leaving Fredericksburg



Today is my LAST DAY IN FREDERICKSBURG! They are white-washing this area, and starting with two new Sisters. We are glad they aren’t closing it though, because they’ve been talking about doing that for a long time now. Sisters have only been in this area since last February. We don’t have as many sisters as we did when I first got here, since the initial wave is petering out now. When I first got here, almost every sister was training a new one, but now they are having to close some of the sister areas. Crazy! Also I did not expect to be transferred so soon!! I’ve only been here 6 weeks, and have been trying to memorize everyone’s names, faces, and how to navigate around. Now it’s all for nothing! Well, not quite, but still! And I don’t have a clue where I am going, or my new address.  I will be able to tell you all about it next week.

So I’m saying  goodbye to Sister George, (going home!) and the Massaponax Ward! Not fun I am really going to miss them, but I am always up for a new challenge. We have finally made some headway with potential investigators here, so the new sisters will have plenty to do! We are focusing on leaving as much info for the new sisters as we can, so they can have a leg up on the area. We had some miracles this week with the spirit guiding us. When you are in the right place in the right time, doing the right thing, you can expect miracles.


Love Sister Hollberg


By they way check this out https://familysearch.org/pioneers/?cid=hp1-1033#/  You can find your pioneer ancestors!!!


Sorry, this is all I have time for!  Enjoy the pictures!



Today for my last p-day here, we went to the Fredericksburg Battlefield, “Sunken Road”.  I have about a bajillion pictures sooooo….. yeah. Those are coming next.

These are some of the church steeples of down-town Fredericksburg. They made easy targets for cannons. This is the view of the Confederate army as they sat on the hill. The union was stationed just on the other side of the Rappahannock River (where Chatham Manor is, which will be my next set of pictures after Sunken Road). The Union’s goal was to come across the river, take Fredericksburg, and march on to take Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy. The battle was a slaughter for the Union, as the Confederates were up on this hill. I think they said it was something like 30,000 men killed in one battle? Not so sure that number is right, but it’s probably pretty close. There were so many bodies from union army in the road that it actually sank, hence “sunken road”.
















Some of the graves have names on them. Many only have numbers. The bottom number is how many people were buried in that spot (4). Sister George said she has seen them with 11 in one grave…












This house here is currently the home of the President of Mary Washington University. Right in the middle of the battlefield. During the Civil War, this house was turned into a hospital. This monument is for a Union soldier who was good-Samaritan basically who helped bring water to wounded Confederate soldiers at the peril of his life. Read his story! It’s amazing.








Bullet holes INSIDE a house. These are the inner walls. Now imagine what the outer walls looked like. This is inside the little white house that was visible from the top of the hill. The outside panels of the walls have been re-done, but the inside walls still show all the bullet holes. It’s said that the outside walls were so riddled, that you couldn’t put two hands on the wall without touching a hole.










There is a picture of the sunken road, with a picture of what it looked like during the war.








One of the strangest US uniforms I have ever seen

One of the strangest US uniforms I have ever seen




Chatham Manor

This house has been standing here since the Revolutionary War. It has Revolutionary War, Civil War, and WWII history in it. Too long to tell! Look it up on Wikipedia.

“Few houses in America have witnessed as many important events and hosted as many famous people as Chatham. Built between the years 1768 and 1771 by William Fitzhugh, this grand Georgian-style house overlooking the Rappahannock River was for many years the center of a large, thriving plantation. Flanking the main house were dozens of supporting structures: a dairy, ice house, barns, stables. Down on the river was a fish hatchery, while elsewhere on the 1,280 acre estate were an orchard, mill, and a race track, where Fitzhugh’s horses vied with those of other planters for prize money. The house was named after William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham. ”























Other pictures:

At a member’s house. You should grow one of these – Butterfly Bush. They said that there are 4 of these huge butterflies on the bush at any given time. Even hummingbird butterflies come! AND actual hummingbirds.








They also love chickens. And have meat-rabbits. Two of them have the names “Lunch” and “dinner”. The chickens are for eggs.




The pond is a view from a member’s back porch. Ponds everywhere! These bright pink trees are everywhere! Very pretty.






Here’s me holding our ward mission leader’s “zombie gun”, with scope and everything. Didn’t get to shoot it, but I wish! I don’t think I would actually be able to. He has a huge gun safe with 20-30 guns in it. People really love them here!


Couple more gun pictures haha. people here love any chance they get to take them out and show them to everyone.