February 2, 2015



Happy February to everyone!!


The work has been going well here.  It turns out often the people we want to meet with keep wanting to meet on the same night as someone else, and it’s slightly stressful because we reeeeally want to meet with everyone, but this means we’d have to split up and go with members. We did the split thing last week, but both lessons ended up falling through at the last second, so all 4 of us helped Danielle pack up her things for the move. I do think that is where Heavenly Father needed us that night, because Danielle was panicking with everything she had to do alone. Heavenly Father is absolutely in the details of every bit of the work!


Danielle moved on Saturday 😦 we’ll miss her, but she’s going to go where the Lord needs her.


I get to go to the temple with the missionaries who leave in March!


This week we have been tracting with no avail 😦 But we have been doing a lot of work with less-actives, and it’s paying off. We have had many appointments that fell through, but made contact with lots of less-actives, and ended up having 5 actual lessons with less-actives, plus we have had 3 members come out with us! January is still kind of on the fence about joining the church (well, more towards not joining) but still wants to meet with us. She isn’t on-date for baptism anymore because she’s not ready to make that commitment. She feels our church is boring a little bit, which is such a shame! She’s used to the up-beat churches with the band, the “hallelujahs”, clapping, dancing, etc. Basically more of the entertainment side. She really wants her whole family to be able to attend church together, and since we have the ability to translate into Spanish for Victor (her husband) she might be interested in trying coming to our church. She loves the Sunday School classes though! We are excited to teach them about the importance of the Priesthood tonight. She and her family are coming to FHE at the Bishop’s house tonight, so we’re going to make it an open discussion with everyone there. The Bishop hosts an open FHE every Monday for anyone who wants to come, it’s fantastic! Usually we watch a talk then discuss it afterwards, but since we have investigators coming tonight Bishop asked us to teach since we know them better. We’re going to make a treat for it too 🙂 mini (blueberry) cheesecakes in a muffin tin. It should turn out good!



We have been visiting members this week too, trying to strengthen them, get to know them, and help them with their missionary work. Yesterday almost everyone we went to visit was busy with their Super bowl parties, but we finally got to visit with someone who wasn’t watching the Super bowl! We watched a few Bible Videos with a widow in our ward who lives in a big beautiful house all alone! I thought for sure that her son and daughter-in-law (who are in our ward too) would be over watching the Super bowl , but we went anyway and it turned out to be a wonderful visit!


I love you all!!

Sister Hollberg



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