We went to Maymont Park yesterday!


We went to Maymont Park yesterday with our recent convert Danielle!  She was so sweet to take us!!  So we had half of P-day yesterday, and are having the other half today.



I am going to send the recorder home today, so hopefully you guys get to hear it this week! The new companion is the BEST!!!! I adore her and we work really well together. I am learning so much from her, and she is very patient and understanding about what I went through last transfer. We are working hard and seeing the fruits of our labors!




Yes we got an ice storm! Or rather freezing rain. Our car was encased. It took us a good half hour to chip it out so we could drive (after the roads were safe of course) because it turns out we DON’T HAVE AN ICE-SCRAPER. What? Anyway we probably won’t get any more of those so it should be good from now on! Still cold!


So as far as the week goes, I feel like we’ve just had an outpouring of love from Heavenly Father in the form of success in missionary work! Finally we are teaching some lessons and finding new investigators! I am so happy! Wheew! My New Companion is Sister Morales and she is from CA. Her parents are both Mexican, and she was raised here in the US. All her extended family is still In Mexico. She is bilingual! She is a Nauvoo missionary spending her out-bound portion of her mission (6 months) here in VA. She already spent 6 months in Nauvoo, then she will finish 6 more here in April, then head back for the last 6 months in Nauvoo. She is a powerful missionary! She is bold and loving and is so good at bringing the atonement and her testimony of it in everything we do and teach. She is a hard worker, and I know we’re going to have a great time together 🙂


Sister Hollberg and Sister Morales

Sister Hollberg and Sister Morales


Here are some pictures from Maymont Park, but I don’t have time to send all of them this week! I will send them next week. I really am trying to get everything done that I need to in our email time, but there just is not enough time for me! 😦


You’ll get the recorder and a better letter next week! I love you! Bye!!


Sister Hollberg




DSCF2536 DSCF2540

DSCF2548 DSCF2551 DSCF2554 DSCF2557 DSCF2560


DSCF2568 DSCF2570

Yes that's a grave in the bear enclosure!

Yes that’s a grave in the bear enclosure!


DSCF2582 DSCF2584 DSCF2585 DSCF2586 DSCF2587 DSCF2588 DSCF2589 DSCF2592 DSCF2593 DSCF2595 DSCF2597 DSCF2598 DSCF2599 DSCF2600 DSCF2602 DSCF2603

DSCF2642 DSCF2644









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