Transfer Week!



It is transfer week and we were notified that Sister Ngosha is being transferred and I am staying here for another 6 weeks.  Sister Ngosha loves the skirt and shirts you sent her!


Sister Rollins just told me that they are closing Rock Hill for sisters! Our friend David cried 😦  I feel so sad for him!  He really did live for the weekly visits by the Sisters.  He is so alone!  When you come to pick me up, can we visit him?  He would love to meet you guys.


Ok, so this week we met with our recent-convert Danielle! She is a single mom, 29 years old, and so sweet! She is on-fire with the gospel! Because of her, her best friend Michelle is now investigating. Michelle knows she wants to be baptized, and knows it is all true. She never thought she would be baptized, and even when she came to Danielle’s baptism she even told Danielle that she was never going to be baptized. Then Michelle started having dreams about attending this church! She took the dreams seriously and started asking questions, and meeting with the sisters in her area. Now she has a testimony! The only problem is that she lives with her boyfriend and some kids she has with him, and they need to either move out or get married for her to be baptized. The boyfriend isn’t as interested right now, but they want to get married and even have children together. He knows that she wants be baptized, I hope they will get married soon! They will, I know it.


Danielle is excited to go to the temple to do baptisms for her family members! Family History is one of my favorite things, so I’m excited we get to help her with it. I wish we could go with her! But sadly, no. I know she will have a good experience no matter what though.


Today we had Zone P-day. Not very many missionaries from our zone were able to make it (also, we have a small zone) so there were only 8 of us. But it turns out it was actually more fun! We played a game called ‘umpa loompa’ which is a favorite of missionaries here, and basically is what zone p-day is all about. It’s ultimate Frisbee rules, played with a football, on a basketball court, using the hoops for the goals. Shooting a football in the small round hoop is a challenge, but it’s fun! We had a blast.


So last year our Mission President’s wife gave the mission this challenge called “More Fit For The Kingdom” in January kind of like weight-loss challenge. You get points for every pound you lose and for every day you exercise. We had weigh-ins and everything, it was serious! This year we have “More Fit For The Kingdom II: Nutrition on a Mission”. It’s basically the same as last year, but there we get booklets to mark off our points and to keep track of our weight. It’s pretty intense! But the best is what it says on the back of the booklet: “Go big, or go HOME big!”


Thanks for all the love, support, prayers, and understanding during this past while. I have complete faith in President Wilson and his choice to put me with who he put me with. I know that he asked me to complete that assignment because the Lord prompted him to. When I received a blessing from him in the beginning I was told that the Lord needed me and that I would have gratitude for this assignment. I do have gratitude because I have learned a lot. He is carefully putting the people that he needs to in my path so I can grow in ways I could not have otherwise.  Thanks for all the letters of encouragement!






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