Christmas Eve Dinner! The member (Sister Kelley) asked us what we wanted. I told her we like anything, but she insisted we tell her whatever we want, and that she has cookbooks for anything. I asked ‘What if it’s weird?” And she said it doesn’t matter, just tell her anything. Sister Ngosha had no preference so I said breakfast burritos! We ate some of the best breakfast burritos that I have ever had! We also had beef brisket, rice, greens, and some interesting southern relish stuff called ‘Chow Chow’ to go on the greens.


DSCF2474 (2)


On Christmas Day we made it to Julie Roger’s! It was so wonderful! It really made Christmas for me. I was feeling very down leading up to Christmas because it felt like feeling any of the Christmas spirit was going to be impossible with the current challenges. It’s amazing how the struggles here really take everything out of me sometimes. But miraculously for Christmas Eve and Christmas were very sweet and I am thankful for that.


Paul Rodgers picked us up with Latifah and Rooka from their branch. They were a riot! It was a fun ride. Ok, the Rodger’s home is AMAZING. It’s a beautiful historic brick home built in the 1800s right in the heart of the city. It’s very tall and thin, with a small courtyard that is between the house and the two story garage/guest apartment. The garage and guesthouse used to be a horse stable and carriage house. It’s unbelievable! Of course her house is decorated so beautifully, and she had some other friends over. Everyone was so nice! The food was really really good! They even had some good cheeses :).


We did the fire-cracker music that you sent while we were there at Julie’s house. It was so fun! I was worried that no one would really want to participate, but everyone really wanted to play! Julie took a few videos, so I’m sure you’ll see them if you haven’t already. I sang for them, and one of Julie’s friends played the piano for me! She is really good. They asked me to sing “O Holy Night” and “Away in a Manger”. Julie also gave Sister Ngosha and I each a scarf and a small first-aid kit. We really LOVED being with them.  She is the best!!!! Too bad we had to go home right when Lee got out his guitar, I would have loved to stay and hear that.


Things with my companion are difficult.  I am taking it hour by hour.  It’s discouraging that we can’t do the work but I am hopeful that blessings and help will come with patience.  I can honestly say I am trying my best. But I am grateful for the time I have to grow.  President Wilson really follows the Spirit, and I trust him and his timing.


I am really glad I got the voice recorder from you guys! I love listening to it and hearing everyone’s voices.


Anyway, I have to go, I love you! Thank you for everything!



Sister Hollberg





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