I’m going to be transferred tomorrow!

Guess what!  I am being transferred…! It’s sad to say goodbye to everyone again, and to leave Sister Rollins– She was one of the best comps ever! But I am sure the next area/companion will be great too :).

IMG952361 (2)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here 🙂 We were invited to the Bishop’s house with the Elders. We had a very serious Ping-Pong tournament. I even beat Sister Rollins! I am as surprised as you that I beat anyone. Actually I won in doubles too again the Bishop and Sister Rollins, with the Bishop’s son on my team. I got a video of it too! But it’s too big to email soooo… yup. But I never realized how much I really do love Ping-Pong haha.


I got the Thanksgiving package! I love listening to the recorder! I listen to it a lot. I love hearing the babies! I caught my breath when I heard them for the first time! I can’t believe they’re a year old now! I am making a lot of recordings for you guys. I might be sending it back today! We’ll see. But I absolutely LOVE the skirt! Thank you so much for it! I love the colors, and I already wore it once. I am going to wear it tomorrow too.


We got a brand-new ford fusion! 2015! It’s awesome! Of course I’m being transferred now though. Oh well! It was good for the 4 days I got to ride in it.

New car for the sisters!

New car for the sisters!



We had a good lesson last night with Josh and Megan! They fed us too, even though they just got home from Thanksgiving with their family, and an 8 hour drive. They said such a sweet prayer for both Sister Rollins and I when we left, we really love meeting with them, and they are still going to have the Sisters over on Thursday. I am excited for the new sister to meet them!

Me and Josh and Megan!



Love you guys so much!  You are all in my prayers!


Sister Hollberg


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