Week of 11-3-14

Kind of a short letter this week, but I’m sending pictures of how beautiful it is here!!



I have thought a lot about you all this week with Steve Evans’ funeral.  I am still heartbroken about him, but I am working hard as a missionary, because I know that is what he wants me to do.  I can only imagine the spirit in that meeting.  I’m so glad Chris could come.

About our work here, David is doing well! He is learning more, and has now come to church twice! Last time he stayed for all three meetings. Unfortunately the Sunday School and Priesthood lessons were both on Family History, which he has zero interest in, plus he barely knows how to use a computer…. But he did a good job sitting through the lessons, and he liked how warmly people greeted him 🙂 We spend Halloween evening with David passing out candy 🙂 David lives just down the street basically from Tabitha, so we told her she’d have to come to David’s for trick-or-treating! When her boy Kaiden saw me open the door, he said “how come you guys live here??” all puzzled. That was sweet!


Teaching some kids on Halloween!



Handing out candy with David on Halloween!

DSCF2143 (2)

This is what David gave us after we left his house on Halloween. We met his daughter, by the way! She is amazing! We also met one of his other daughters, via face-time. They both told us how thankful they are fur us, and what we’ve been doing for their father. They were so sweet! It really touched me. The daughter who was at his house had a lot of questions for us. It was a neat opportunity!


This Thursday we have Zone Conference– a meeting with 3 zones. I was asked to perform a musical number with two other Sisters. We are singing 3-part harmony “There is a Green Hill Far Away” a capella– except for Sister Rollins who is playing her flute for part of it. It’s going to be really fun 🙂 If I have the recorder by then, I’ll make one for you to listen to.


I love you guys so much! I have to go now unfortunately, but you’re all in my prayers!!


Sister Hollberg















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