I might be in the very most beautiful mission!!




Hello Everyone!!!

This really might be the most beautiful mission!  Look at these pictures!




Lake Arrowhead in the fall! So beautiful!



A very pretty tree outside the library! Trees like this are everywhere.


Also a huuuuge mushroom in one of our members’ yards. We stopped by for a visit and saw their Beehive-age daughter out in the front yard with a shovel removing the mushrooms. So what did we do? Ask to help! She told us they didn’t have any more shovels. We asked if they had any rubber gloves and a couple of plastic bags. Bingo! Probably the most random service I’ve done on my mission. They were surprisingly easy to pull up! Surprisingly creamy underneath. Just kidding! Well sort of. Anyway, the girls’ brother is serving his mission in Salt Lake, West! He just left actually. I was here for his farewell. He entered the MTC exactly a year after Sister Rollins and I did.



By the way, I have been doing more family history. It turns out to be pretty fun stuff! 😉

But I just really love it! We didn’t know much about it when we started, but we have learned by just trying, and helping other people to do their own Family History. This Saturday we are going to have dinner with a couple in our ward that are actually Family History service missionaries. Did you know that if you are stuck in Family Search you can call a phone number to get help on finding people? Or you can chat online with someone to help you! That is what these ward members do– they help people on Family Search. They are basically the ‘experts’! Plus, they know who Grandpa Bennett is! (Archibald F. Bennett)  Brother Hendrix (that’s their name) was actually at BYU as a student when Professor Bennett was there! Neat huh?


We were pretty sad because one of our most ‘golden’ investigator families (probably the most prepared people I’ve met on my mission thus far) dropped us. They told us they love meeting with us, and know we really believe and put our hearts into what we teach, but that they aren’t ready to make any decisions. They both want to explore the faiths they grew up in before being baptized somewhere else (Jehovah’s Witness and Southern Baptist). Of course we respect their agency and still love them ! But it’s still so hard to see someone turn away from the light! They will be ready in the future, I know it! That is probably the hardest thing about missions.


But the Lord loves us, and he gave us a miracle a couple of days later! We were visiting a less-active sister that our Relief Society President asked us to check up on– she told us that she had not been able to contact her by phone and was wondering if we would stop by. When we got to the home of Sister Sines, we looked down at the mat and saw a big “S” on it. We thought to ourselves “Yup! She still lives here”, but when the door opened, a man (early 30s) opened the door looking puzzled at us. We asked if Pamela Sines was there, and he immediately recognized the name. He said, “She doesn’t live here anymore! We actually bought this house from her about 2 months ago. Do you want to come in?”. We were so shocked that he would invite us in before we even said who we were, or that we were missionaries, or what we were doing! We said “Sure!” and went inside. We didn’t really know what to do, but we went into the kitchen and he introduced us to his wife. They are expecting their first child, a boy, in March! His name is Josh, and her name is Megan. They are both from Michigan. Their neighbor Glen was also over, and it appears they had just finished dinner!


They invited us to sit down and talk.  As soon as Glen saw us he said “Ah! Mormons! I’ve meet missionaries before. We’ve had some nice conversations.” We introduced ourselves and after asking some questions to get to know them, we asked them if they had any questions for us. This isn’t usually how we start, but the Spirit was guiding us in another direction. They immediately started asking us questions about what we believe, starting with “Who do you believe Jesus Christ is?”. We carefully answered each of their questions, which kind of led in the direction of the Plan of Salvation. We didn’t actually start teaching the Plan of Salvation, but we taught them about the Book of Mormon, gave them a copy, and asked them to read 3 Nephi 11. Josh was skeptical, but sincere in wanting to know the truth. We also watched the “Because of Him” video with them. They loved it! Josh and Megan go to a non-denominational Christian church right now. I don’t think Glen attends any church right now, but I think he is a Protestant of some sort. This was Thursday night. We asked them if we could come back to teach them more, and Josh said Tuesday!


We were very surprised because we couldn’t tell exactly what he thought of it all! More often people say “I don’t know, we’re pretty busy, call us next week” or “WE’LL call YOU.” and never do! But we’re going back tomorrow! We’re very excited! 🙂 Heavenly Father gave us a new family to teach when the Ross Family dropped us. The work goes on! We will keep praying for the Ross family though and hope that they want to learn again! Also, Tabitha wants us to start teaching her 8-year-old daughter so she can be prepared for baptism 🙂 that is wonderful! Tabitha is doing so well! She loves the Church and is embracing the gospel. We challenged her to read the entire Book of Mormon by Christmas as her ‘gift’ to Christ. She is reading 7 chapters a day to finish by then! Amazing! 🙂 She is also pondering receiving her patriarchal blessing. She is so much lighter with the Gospel in her life, it’s absolutely amazing! I wish you could meet her 🙂


Also, Glen basically invited himself over for the next appointment.  🙂



Love you so much! Bye! Gotta run!


Sister Hollberg





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