Moving Day (week!!)

Only 4 pictures this week! Waaaay too busy to take more. So yes, we had to move out of the huge town-home! No surprise there. We are now in a smaller, but nicer apartment. It even has a new fridge/freezer, and new carpet! The stove is ancient though, and set off the smoke alarm just by turning it on…. It’s electric, and doesn’t even have a window to look in the oven! But it’s still better than the one from my first area (Charlottesville), because that one didn’t even have a handle to open the oven (someone broke it off…). Moving was kind of a drag though, since there was SO MUCH JUNK in the apartment. Missionaries had been living there for a looong time (there were Elders there before Sisters), and they had left a lot of things there. The downside about having a large place to live in: more area to clean! It reaaaally needed it. We had to take another whole week out of proselyting to pack and clean! We donated a lot to goodwill. But the move went smoothly because we were prepared 🙂 We had a small army of missionaries to help, and one recent-convert who had a truck. All in all, (including me and Sister Rollins) we had 3 sets of Sisters, two sets of Elders, plus Elder Chuntz (a senior couple missionary) and David the recent convert. The move took almost 4 hours– but that was very good considering how much stuff we had! 🙂


When we got to the new apartment, we had to go into the office first to sign the lease– I thought it was going to be one signature, but it took almost an hour! The paperwork was crazy, especially since we might not even be here for very long! Every missionary who comes to live in this apartment will have to go through the same paperwork process. Anyway, the other missionaries were so sweet– they unloaded and moved all our belongings and furniture into the new apartment– on the 3rd floor with no elevator! I can’t believe they did all that for us. Sister Rollins and I were so tired from packing and cleaning all week, staying up late to get it all finished, then moving and doing tons of paperwork, it was a big blessing to have that help. We finally finished un-packing the last box on Friday night, and had to spend Saturday and Sunday doing our Weekly Planning. We are just itching to get out and get back to work!


DSCF1899 DSCF1900 DSCF1902 DSCF1910

The ones of the Tupperware: that is how much Tupperware there was in our apartment. We donated more than half of that to Goodwill. There was an awesome Bob-Ross-esque painting in our apartment– definitely kept that! And that truck we saw parked at McDonalds. So classic. When we went inside, it was very clear who the truck belonged to– There were two guys dressed in camouflage standing at the counter. Yup.


I am so sorry to hear that Steve is struggling so much.  I will be praying for you all!  🙂 I love you so much!



Sister Hollberg


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