Pictures! It’s been a while.

Picture 012


Some things I learned from Elder Anderson of the Seventy —

HOPE is the light at the end of the tunnel,

PATIENCE is saying “Thy will be done” about the darkness of the tunnel, and

FAITH is each step we take towards that light”

Actually his wife said that 🙂  We were going to be having a baptism this weekend, but it is being pushed back to an unknown date (for now).  Please pray for Tabitha that she will have courage and will gain a testimony of our latter day Prophet.  Also, will you pray for David – that he will be able to quit smoking and come to sacrament meeting.

He has been making progress!!! He hasn’t cut anything back up until this point, but he read something in the addiction recovery booklet that really hit home one day! He made this sign all on his own, and is going to move it to each new pack of cigarettes he buys. The first day he had that, be cut his smoking back by almost HALF. I really really hope and pray that he can keep that up!! We are so SO excited for him! Thanks for the advice and help Tom, it really means a lot!


DSCF1493 (2)



Zone Conference

Zone Conference


I have a lot of pictures of our area that I’m going to send home today —


Went to Pocahontas’s homeland! It’s called “Government Island”.  It was pretty neat! It was a “Sisters’ P-day” activity. It is amazing to think this is really where they lived!  (For those of you who might not know – Pocahontas is my 11th great grandmother!)


Picture 018

Picture 001

Picture 002

Picture 005

Picture 016

Picture 007

Picture 004

Picture 014

Ward Labor Day Breakfast at the Galahan Farm. What a neat place!!! You would have loved to see it.  IT WAS SO FUN!










The odd trinkets and other odd random things are pictures inside the barn where we had breakfast. The Republican Party of Central and Northern VA enjoys a lot of support from the Galahan family, plus they hold meetings and such in that barn too apparently.

I am not sick any more! I’m not sure how long of an email I will be able to write today, But I will try my best! And try to send another card home! We had to travel very far out of our way to email today– long story– so our P-day is a little crunched.

I have to go now, I love you guys so much!


Sister Hollberg





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