What’s up this week

Just a short note today – we don’t have much time!!

We’re teaching a man named David! He is 75, widowed, rides motorcycles, loves God, is a free-mason, and we’re helping him quit smoking! This is a new experience for me! We’re going through the Addiction Recovery Booklet with him, and all I can say is that book is amazing. Plus he teaches us a little bit about free-masons each time, which is very interesting.

Tabitha is going to be baptized on the 30th! Today we taught her the laws of Tithing and Fasting. She expressed her  worry about taking the money out, because she is a single mom and money is extremely tight, but at the end when we asked her if she would live the laws Tithing and Fast Offerings, she confessed that she already worked it out in the budget! All worries about her not being ready to be baptized on the 30th are gone! She will be an amazing member 🙂

Please remember these two people in your prayers!!

gotta run now, love you all!


Love Sister Hollberg

P.S.  BYU Women’s chorus came out with a new CD!! And I’m singing on it (I’m in that choir)! I haven’t heard it, but I bet it’s a good CD 🙂 You should check it out.



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