These cups are a dinner that was delivered to us by a family in our ward.  The mom signed up to do dinner but then realized that she was going to be out of town, and as Sisters, we can’t have dinner with her Husband and two boys without another female there.  But then the dad felt bad for not feeding us, so he and his sons carefully wrapped up this meal – in cups!  How great is that?!  I just thought it was such an interesting way to wrap a meal (again, the wife was out of town haha).  All the cups were placed carefully in a paper bag, and somehow none of them spilled when they were driving it over.  It was still a great meal!  I am so grateful for the sacrifices of members who feed us!  I know money is always tight and we appreciate it so much.




Sister Burgess and I volunteering at an annual interdenominational service project (hosted by our church this year) called ‘School Dressing Days’ where local people donate clothes, shoes, school supplies, and toiletries for less-fortunate children as they start school. It’s amazing! I have never seen a service project this huge go on without a hitch! It’s definitely what I would call ‘controlled chaos’ though.




Once upon a time, the members from our ward, and the Sisters we live with all decided to buy us tons of pizza, two days in a row. This is what we ended up with. Their generosity is so amazing! We had to give some away (we can’t eat all that!), and it ended up being a tender mercy for an investigator family we have. We dropped it off, and the mother was so grateful! We also cleaned her kitchen for her, while she relaxed on the couch. She was pregnant then, but has since had her baby on (August 7th – right on my birthday!). She looked tired when we saw her. I know it was one of those times where the Lord gives you a surplus so you can help someone else.


Pizza coming out our ears!

Pizza coming out our ears!

This is when we went to Maggie Moos for my birthday 🙂 we had a fun time!  We ended up running into (not literally, thankfully) a member that two of the sisters were working with.  She is blind, very sweet, and goes out with the sisters to help them with the work often!  Amazing.




My Birthday was great! Thank you so much for everything 🙂 Thanks for the awesome gifts!  I absolutely LOVE the backpack Hannah sent me from Peru!!



I love everything in the package! So about long skirts– I can’t wear them I’m too short.  Sad day!  They are so cute though!  I love the turquoise one so much!  I want to wear it when I get home from my mission!  Very unfortunately I have to send the adorable backpack from Hannah home too, as we are not allowed to carry backpacks (unless you’re serving on a bike, which at this point on my mission is a pretty small chance).  Heart breaking!  But I shared the Chocolate Hippos with my companions, and they loved them!  I am using the pens like crazy!  I love them!  And the stickers are so cute!  I have been wearing the tee-shirts to bed, and using the bookmarks!  The Plan of Salvation one is so clever!

Plan of Happiness shirt - You are Here!

Plan of Happiness shirt – You are Here!


Today I’m going to the music store to use some of the money RJ and Rusti sent me!  It’s all so wonderful! 🙂 Thank you so very very much.  You made my birthday so special!  *(PS I think the Silly Putty was invented for my companion and I – thanks for that.)



So these pictures are of the Moon yesterday.  It was full, and a blood-moon (hence the red), so I couldn’t help but snap some pics!



Here are some other random shots!

This cute dog’s name is Popcorn.  As you can tell by the blurred picture, it is an appropriate name.




Crazy wolf thing in someone's yard. 'nuff said.

Crazy wolf thing in someone’s yard. ’nuff said.



tired feet!

tired feet!












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