My new area – Stafford!

I am now living in Stafford, Virginia — a little ways North of Fredericksburg.  My new companion is named Sister Burgess.




Sister Burgess is from California.  She was a cheerleader in high school, so that gives us a lot to talk about haha.  She is very sweet, and her 20th birthday was on Aug 2nd, and mine is Aug 7th!!   She has been out one transfer longer than I, and was actually trained by Sister Montgomery, my past companion!


I love Sister Burgess.  She is so careful to follow the Spirit.  I love working with her.  I feel like I am learning and growing so much!  The other night, when I was saying my evening prayers, I prayed that I could feel God’s love for me, because I was feeling a little lacking, guess it was just a down moment.  I knew He loved me, but I just wanted a reminder.  I finished my prayers, got in bed, and Sister Burgess finished her prayers and did the same.  We said ‘goodnight’ and were both quiet, falling asleep.  Then about 10 minutes later, in the pitch-black quiet room, Sister Burgess clears her throat a little, and says “Sister Hollberg, Heavenly Father loves you, and I am so glad you’re my companion”.  I was stunned.  I knew this was an answer to my prayers.  She probably has no idea why she said that at that time, but I know it was because she was following a still small voice that prompted her to say those words to me.  I haven’t said anything to her about the prayer I prayed, but I am looking for a good moment to thank her for listening to the Holy Ghost, and being worthy and ready to receive such a prompting for me.  I know Heavenly Father loves me, and Sister Burgess.  I know He loves everyone we teach, and see, and meet.


The work is blossoming here!  There are many prepared people we are working with, each with their own challenges.  I am just trying to learn everything as fast as possible!  There are so many people we are working with; it’s all kind of swimming around in my head.   🙂  I can’t even describe all the people I’m working with!  Gah!  I want to but my time is running out!!


Bye!! They are kicking me off, can’t send pics!


I love you guys so much!   Thanks for all your support!



Sister Hollberg


P.S.  I’m glad you found the Facebook page to our mission!!  Lookup “Virginia Richmond Mission – President Wilson era” on Facebook!

June 17 Sisters Training Meeting

June 17 Sisters Training Meeting — They said to show them our ‘cheesy smiles!’





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