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This is probably my favorite picture so far on my mission!  On Saturday we got to go to Sarah’s baptism! She is 9-years-old, and I was teaching her with Sister Montgomery in Woodbridge. They were so kind to ask me to sing at the baptism. I loved going back and seeing many of the ward members I used to serve. I hope I get to go back and see them all before I leave! Anyway, Sarah is so sweet, and was so excited to be baptized! This picture of us is going to stick with me forever. She is the only active member in her family right now, besides her Great-grandmother. Most of her family members are actually not members at all. It will be good that she can have the companionship of the Holy Ghost to support her through her teen years.

I have a few other pictures of our area that I’m sending this week:

The Rappahannock River - huge!

The Rappahannock River – huge!

A beautiful pink lily, and the Dagobah (looks like a scene out of Star Wars)  there are little swamps like this all over the place.  They just turn up out of nowhere!

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Want to read a few of the mission miracles from missionaries here in the Virginia Richmond mission? These were in our weekly letter from President Wilson:


“We tracted into a pastor for a local Presbyterian church and he invited us back. He is the nicest guy in the world and has just the sweetest, most sincere heart. He is a really smart guy, he knows a lot about the church, the bible, and the history of Christianity. As a result we have some really good talks and discussions with him. This last time he asked us some pretty deep doctrinal questions that to be quite honest, I don’t fully understand. But we brought it back to the simple truth of the Book of Mormon, and how knowing if it is true is foundational to receiving a testimony of the other principles. We talked about the milk vs. the meat theory and he seemed to understand quite a bit and was super willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. But the best part of the lesson was when my companion invited him to be baptized. We were so nervous for this part, because he’s a pastor and we are but mere 20 year old missionaries. But we led up to it and then invited him and just the sweetest most powerful spirit entered the room and he humbly accepted it and said that he would if he received an answer, even if that meant he had to find a new job. It was truly a miracle! At the very end he gave the most heartfelt prayer.”


“We contacted a man who came to church. He is a Rappahannock Indian and was at his native American Baptist church when a question arose from the older generation, “Where did our people originate from?” He said that afterwards he received a vision of a people sailing across the sea and that the Mormons could tell him more. He came to church and now we have an appointment with him.”


“We have miracles when we bring members out with us! We brought a member out with us all the way from at least 1/2 hour away! Then when he gets here, the lesson falls through and that investigator dropped us. Awesome. So we decided to go see a woman that works at the mall. We ended up talking to this 20-yr Marine and once we said Jesus Christ he wanted to talk. It turns out he knew our member. We taught the restoration and he was grinning ear to ear. He came to church yesterday and got a ride with that member and when he introduced himself he said that what we had told him had touched his heart. In elder’s quorum, apparently he raised his hand and asked about baptism and asked if there was one after church that day. So now he is set for 2 weeks from Sunday!!! Then we taught the Plan of Salvation after church and he said that what we just taught him changed his life. He is unreal!”


“We met a guy who is a senior going into electrical engineering. We taught him the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation and he literally said next to nothing in the lessons. We had no idea what he was thinking. Then he came to church. When he introduced himself, he said that he had been having doubts with some aspects of his church and that he was glad that God had softened his heart to come to this church. He said our message touched his heart and he loved being there. I think my jaw may have been open because we had no idea! But the Spirit was really working in him.”


So this week has been pretty hard as far as missionary work goes. I don’t think I have ever had this low of numbers before. Actually I know I haven’t had numbers this low before. It has seemed like even in hard situations in my mission, the work has been rolling along even still, and we’ve been able to so a lot of good, despite challenges. But right now, the work is almost stagnant! I have so much desire in me to work hard, I feel like I’m ready to run! But we just haven’t been able to find people who are ready to accept the gospel yet! We’ve been praying for the Lord to help us and lead us to the elect. We had three appointments last Monday, and every one of them cancelled. The appointments before those all cancelled, and no one would set up appointments with us this week. But we did manage to see a recently-baptized family yesterday, and that was a joy 🙂 Then we did some tracting, and set up a couple more appointments for this week! THAT was a miracle, let me assure you! Please pray that these appointments hold! Since I’ve been here, I can count on one hand the number of appointments that have not cancelled. We NEED to teach!


It’s weird, I’m only going to be companions with Sister George for one more week! She is getting ready to go home.  I wonder who my next companion will be!?


I sang in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday in a pinch “I Stand All Amazed” I was also asked to do a musical number for Distract Meeting next Wednesday. Plus singing at Sarah’s baptism, it makes for a musical week!








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