The work is really slow here right now. painfully slow, but I want to send you some pictures. I don’t have very many stories to tell for the blog unfortunately, but sometimes that’s how it is. You just keep truckin’!


A little girl named Sarah from my last area is getting baptized on Saturday, and they invited me to come back up for it, and to sing at the baptism! I am singing “Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer”. So excited! Also, we got a random referral from a door-to-door salesman from Alberta who is a member of the church. When we went to check out the referral though, the woman’s husband wouldn’t let us talk to her, even though the woman had expressed interest in talking to us. Even after we explained that, he told us to buzz off, basically. So promising, but then… it’s alright though we will probably end up trying again. it really doesn’t phase me after this long on my mission. Actually, I think that’s one of the things that have never actually phased me on the mission– I kind of expected to be rejected again and again out here. It sounds odd to say, but it’s kind of a good thing to be able to let things like that go and not take them too personally.


DSCF1001 (2) DSCF1003 (2) DSCF1004 (2) DSCF1006 (2) DSCF1007 (2) DSCF1008 (2) DSCF1010 (2) DSCF1011 (2) DSCF1012 (2) DSCF1013 (2) DSCF1030 (2) DSCF1031 (2) DSCF1035 (2) DSCF1036 (2) DSCF1038 (2) DSCF1044 (2) DSCF1068 (2) DSCF1069 (2) DSCF1077 (2) DSCF1080 (2) DSCF1093 (2) DSCF1094 (2)




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