Welcome to Fredericksburg!

Shout out to Grandma Lois!  Thanks for the comment on my blog!  🙂  I love you Grandma!


So everything I wanted to tell you last week but didn’t have time!  Ok so in Woodbridge, we began teaching the sweetest little girl named Sarah, who was in the pictures I sent last week!  She is so sweet.  She reeeaaally wants to be baptized, but her grandma (who is a less-active member) wants her to wait and learn more about the church first.  No one except her grandma are members in the church (and her great-grandma), but they are all completely supportive of her!!  It’s a miracle, and I am excited to be able to attend her baptism which is (hopefully) set for the 19th of July!  It really was a miracle, and I think that the whole family is going to be changed by this, in fact, the family is already changing.  The great-grandma is active, and lives in the Stake.  Sarah is 9 years old.  It’s so sweet to teach someone like her, and I think by teaching her, I have been able to truely see first-hand what it means to “come as a little child”.  Sadly, I cannot teach her any more because I have been transferred to Fredericksburg!  But I am excited to see her be baptized!


I’ve been here almost a week now (can’t believe it!  It’s gone by so fast) and I can already tell this is going to be one of my most challenging areas.  But at the same time, I love it here!  We could use a little more help from the ward members.  It makes such a huge difference when they help us!  Supportive members help the work to move on.  Without the members we are stuck.  It is so great when members are willing to come out with us and do what they can to assist us.  We have an awesome ward mission leader, and without them I don’t know what we would do.  The ward mission leader’s wife went to the women in Relief Society yesterday asking people to sign up to feed us, but sadly only a couple of people signed up.  :/  I hope it wasn’t personal because it was after my first meeting with them at church!  Cross your fingers!


Sister George is so sweet!  She is so nice, very soft spoken.  She has been here in Fredericksburg for 4.5 months.  This is Sister George’s LAST transfer, so I am technically ‘killing’ her, in mission terms.  I still find that term odd. 🙂

Photo on 6-23-14 at 11_27 AM


The history is everywhere,  and I just want to absorb it all! Today on p-day, we are going to a civil war museum, and next week, we are going to go to some of the battlefields.  We don’t have very many solid investigators, except one, but we are going to be working hard here!  Sister George and I are going to do some great things here!


Here are some pictures from my new area!

There are Rabbits here everywhere. It reminds me of when we lived in Scarsdale!

There are Rabbits here everywhere. It reminds me of when we lived in Scarsdale!


DSCF0924 (2)

This awesome VW Beetle is driving around. Yeeessss.  It belongs to a ward member, don’t worry!  We weren’t in someone’s driveway taking pictures of their car without their permission!  (But like that has stopped me in the past…)

Cool License Plate

Cool License Plate


DSCF0920 (2)

Un-expected little dog, owned by our RS president, who is a marine, and a tough strong lady.  Also, the one picture is when the dog was shaking.  Perfect timing!

DSCF0915 (2)


DSCF0913 (2)

Cat sleeping, after a long day’s drive in the dune buggy.

DSCF0912 (2)


This is what my area looks like now. Contrast THAT with the rows and rows of townhouses from Woodbridge!

This is what my area looks like now. Contrast THAT with the rows and rows of townhouses from Woodbridge!


Bumper sticker: self-explanatory

Bumper sticker: self-explanatory


DSCF0910 (2)

BOHE-MOTH.  That is a QUARTER.  And that is a REAL MOTH we found sitting outside of our apartment door.  The cheeto-orange color is real.  This is real life.

DSCF0909 (2)


DSCF0906 (2)

Also, we were at a member’s house, and we look outside her window to see a huuuuge gopher having a hay-day in her yard. She says it’s there all the time. She hates it! They can’t shoot it with a gun, since they’re in a residential area, so I told her she should get a crossbow. I don’t actually know if they’re allowed to shoot those here.



Well  I have to go now, I love you all!!



Sister Hollberg



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