Letter from 6-9-14

Note from Mom:  I’ve been having technical difficulties and couldn’t get in to WordPress to post this email from last week.  So sorry!  But it’s been solved now and I can get caught up with pictures from last week!  Here is Caroline’s letter from June 9 (and I will post another one for June 16):


I love it when I get sent music!!

Anyway, everything is going well!  We are not teaching Kendra anymore.  She moved into another ward boundary in our stake, which is good, so those missionaries (who have already been teaching her anyway) will continue to help her.  This is good, because it means she won’t have to move into a shelter!  This is what we were hoping for.  It doesn’t phase me that it won’t exactly be ‘our’ baptism anymore, not in the slightest!  Because in reality it’s all about the person, and their relationship with the Lord.  It’s HIS baptism, and we’re just along for the ride.  🙂


We also taught Cynthia this week. She is the Marine. In the past, she has been very close-mouthed, and up tight, but a little miracle happened. She finally watched that ‘Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled’ video from the Church! It totally changed her, and helped her to open up to us. She says there were certain things in the video that hit her hard, and that really resonated well. She felt validated and relieved when they talked about how feeling remorse for war is actually a good thing. She is really trying to be a good mom to her girls, but feels conflicted with her two very different lives, one as a marine, and the other as a mom. She is willing to do anything for her children. She is thinking about baptism (tentatively) for the end of the summer. Fingers Crossed! 🙂


Holy cow the play house at the cabin is looking so good!!! It’s crazy to see it spring up with the pictures, it’s like it’s coming out of nowhere! But I know it’s taking a ton of hard work.  Tom told me about how you wrote a special message on the inside of some of the framing.  That is so neat!  Tom says that’s why he loves you.  D’awww.


We have our conference issue of the Ensign magazine now! But unfortunately, we only have 1, but I would LOVE to study it with you!  I am going to download it onto my thumb drive, so I can listen to the talks, and study it that way.  Which one would you like to study first?  How about Elder Bednar’s talk from April?


Also, I’ve been weirdly sick or something. Not sure what.  It’s been a terrible cough, not a dry cough.  Sometimes a sore throat.  No fever.  It’s hard, because I haven’t been sleeping very well, because of the coughing.  Many people tell me it’s allergies, but I have never had this kind of a symptom with allergies.  It’s been like this for just over a week now.  I know bronchitis has been going around a little bit, but again, no fever.  So confused.  Anyway, I have been trying Robitussen, and my allergy medicine, but nothing takes it away completely…  It’s so sad, because I haven’t been able to sing for over a week…! My poor voice is pathetic, but I have to keep using it, because missionary work is ALL talking.



Best thing ever: Sister Cindilee took us to Bistro L’hermatige!  Um the fanciest restaurant in town, French of course.  And her favorite place.  She told us that she wanted to take us there, even since we had the cheese party!

Doesn’t look like much on the outside, but believe me, inside it is amazing.  It was amazing, I feel too guilty to tell you what I ate, because it was too good.

Anyway, gotta run now,

Love you, bye!




This is a picture of the chandelier in the ballroom of 'Rockledge' a famous old home in Old Occoquan.  Google It.  It's owned by a member of our ward.

This is a picture of the chandelier in the ballroom of ‘Rockledge’ a famous old home in Old Occoquan. Google It. It’s owned by a member of our ward.


More Rockledge.

More Rockledge.



Member's pet Bunny

Member’s pet Bunny




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