We taught Kendra again, and she is so excited to be baptized!  She came to a baptism on Saturday night, and then to church to see the confirmation.  She was thrilled to see what a real confirmation is like!  No pressure, and all happy feelings 🙂

Yesterday we went on Splits with the Primary President and one of her counselors to deliver the primary newsletter to a couple of less-active families with primary-age kids. One of the families that we visited was someone Sister Montgomery and I had been trying for a long time to get in contact with. This was the lucky night! We had a really great talk with her, and she told us how she knows she and her daughter need to start coming back to church, especially since her daughter is coming up on baptism age in August! She talked about how she wants her daughter to know more about baptism, so she is prepared, and ready to make the choice for herself. We offered to come teach her daughter and her about baptism to get her ready. The mom loved that idea! And the member I was with has a daughter who’s 8th birthday is just a couple days away from hers! So that daughter and her mom will be at the lessons too! this is perfect fellowshipping 🙂


We had a wonderful lesson with the Perez Family yesterday, helping them to be self-sufficient with family scripture study. They are going strong! 🙂 We are SO proud of them.

Most of the other things we did this week were visiting potential investigators, former investigators we are trying to get in contact with, or less-active members who may or may not be trying to hide from us haha. Or perhaps our timing just isn’t working out.

I have been reading the ‘teachings of the Latter-day Prophets” books. I finished the Joseph Smith one, and am about 1/3 of the way through the Brigham Young book. I’ve also been listening to the Book of Mormon on CD, Alma 46 – Helaman 5, some of my  favorite chapters!

By the way, President and Sister Wilson showed up at our Sacrament meeting on Sunday, out of the blue! President bore his testimony.  It was so great!



More Old Occoquan Pictures from Pday





The Book of Mormon is the anchor of my soul, and if you could see what it looks like, it would look like this!  🙂




The beautiful Occoquan River!



More pictures from last week —


Sister Sawada, a member of our ward who is full Japanese, has the MOST BEAUTIFUL orchid! I’ve never seen one with so many blossoms!



Sister Sawada, a member of our ward who is full Japanese, has the MOST BEAUTIFUL orchid!  I've never seen one with so many blossoms!

A rare glimpse of the horizon. Seriously, it’s been months since I’ve gotten any  kind of view of the horizon. This is what it always looks like, but, it’s so rare to be up high enough to see past the trees, I had to take a picture before the chance was gone! It’s amazing, and I sometimes completely forget that horizons exist



Kitty that roams the streets.  You can't see in this picture, but the kitty is really fat.

Kitty that roams the streets. You can’t see in this picture, but the kitty is really fat.



Goose that swam over to the dock when we were standing there, looking up hopefully for a piece of bread or something.  Too bad, we didn’t have anything to give him!  But we got these pictures!




Guy fishing right next to the “No Fishing” sign. There was another guy, about 30 feet away, also fishing. Shaking my head.





This bird would not stop making noise! But it has a pretty song, so it was cool. Try to find this bird in the bird book at the cabin, and tell me what kind it is!


Sister Montgomery did my hair again after our work one evening  🙂  Waterfall braid and curled.







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