Patricia and me!

Patricia and me!


We had Pday on Tuesday this week so we could spend our time on Memorial Day contacting as many people as we could.


Mission Experiences this week– On Saturday night, we were trying to visit a potential investigator, and it didn’t really look very fruitful, but as we got out of the car, we saw a woman walking up the street, smoking a cigarette, and toting a couple of small children.  Most people pretend like we don’t exist when they see us, but when we got out of the car, the woman actually walked toward us.  I started talking to her, while Sister Montgomery had her hands full with the children, who were curious about our purses.  The woman’s name is Kendra, and she is one of the sweetest, and most humble women I’ve met!  We had only a brief interaction with her, but when I talked to her about coming to church the next day, she was very interested.  She didn’t have a ride, and she has three children.  Luckily, there are several families in our church who have a 12 or 15 passenger van that they drive to accommodate all their children (haha Mormons…) so we enlisted one of those families to pick her up.  Getting investigators to Church is one of the most difficult things here for the work, and it’s been pretty rare in my experience for someone to actually come.  When church started, neither our investigator, nor the family were at church, and we were worried that something happened, or Kendra wasn’t coming or any number or excuses we hear frequently, but just after the opening song, they came in!  All of them!  We were so excited!  But we could not sit with Kendra because we had our hands full with a recent-convert’s family’s children (5 girls all under the age or 10 crawling all over our laps, seriously.  And one 3-year-old boy.  Every week)  But we knew she was in safe hands.  We had to teach the Youth Sunday School class, so we couldn’t be in Sunday School with Kendra.  We also had to teach Young Women’s, so we couldn’t even see Kendra at all during church!  But we visited her after church, and she told us how much she loved it!  She said it was so different from what she is used to, but she actually LEARNED.  She said that she wants to be a part of this church, and she was hoping she could be baptized again, since she’s already been baptized twice (in other churches).  We said ‘OF COURSE’!!!  She had been raising her hand and making comments in Sunday School and Relief Society, and she remembered what she learned in each class.  This is better than many members of the church!  We met with her yesterday too, and taught her the Restoration.  She loved it!  She said it all made sense, and gladly accepted the Book of Mormon.  We asked her to read the introduction, but she told us she plans on reading much more.  AMAZING!!

Kendra accepted the baptismal invitation for June 14th! We hope everything will go according to plan 🙂

On Sunday night, there was a fireside at the Bishop’s house for the Youth, on Missionary Work, which we were of course invited to speak at (we did this all the same day Kendra came to church).  It was wonderful, as each of us missionaries took a moment to tell about why we came on a mission, then a couple of returned missionaries spoke.  I love hearing other people’s mission experiences, even after their missions are over 🙂


Here are a few pictures …

We heart-attacked someone's door!

We heart-attacked someone’s door!


Patricia's dog, wearing a diaper.

Patricia’s dog, wearing a diaper.




Still in the South!!

Still in the South!!


Sister Montgomery did my hair!

Sister Montgomery did my hair!









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