Even on a mission, fine cheese is nice!


I love working with my new companion Sister Montgomery!  She is wonderful!


Guess what, we had a CHEESE PARTY with a sweet woman from our ward!  She lives with her two cats, and two Roombas, sings classically, and has a love for cheese that rivals mine.  Well almost.  We went to visit her, and she suggested that we each bring some cheese and we would have cheese and fruit!  It was soothing to my soul.  We had D’affinois, Manchego, Gouda, Stilton, and a smoked Jack.  We brought the Manchego and the D’affinois.  We also brought an Asian pear.  It was a little bit of a splurge, but worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Every so often one needs to indulge in something like this.  Especially when this used to be every day at work.








Outside of this member’s house, we also met a couple.  We were talking to them and petting their dog, and hadn’t even said anything about being missionaries yet, when they asked us if were were Christians.  They must have seen our name-tags!  They told us about their strong Christian faith, and how important it was to them.  They kind of bore their testimonies to us!  We bore ours in return, and they invited us to come over to their house to praise God and study his word.  We were shocked when they OFFERED us their address, told us we were welcome to come any time, then OH BY THE WAY ‘Why don’t you get our phone number too so you can call us’?  This almost never happens!  We usually have to ask, and try to judge whether the people are giving us real information or not!  But this couple was COMPLETELY SINCERE.  Trust me, I’ve seen a lot. of. people. and talked to them, inviting them to study with us.  This was a miracle!  We will be seeing them on Wednesday!  The wife is from Haiti and her husband is from Puerto Rico.  They love latin dancing, and that’s actually how they met!  They told us about how their belief in Christ is what got them through the time when the wife had cancer.  It will be great to talk to them further!


So there are frogs here.  They just hop around and don’t care about people haha.  This is the third one I’ve seen at my apartment complex!  We have a pond so that is where they come from.  Pretty weird!  Sister Montgomery tried really hard to catch this one, but it got away.
By the way, the Zone leaders texted us a minute ago and asked me to do a musical number in zone conference.  Which is TOMORROW by the way.   Thank heavens for recorded accompaniments!  I’m thinking of  “All Creatures of our God and King”?
Gotta go!
I love you all,
Sister Hollberg

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