Transfer Week!


It was so fun to talk to everyone yesterday!!!  I loved Max’s riddles, especially the monkey one.  I’d never heard that one before!

I am staying in my area of Woodbridge, and I have a new companion Sister Montgomery!  She is from Centerville Utah, did one year of college before coming out on her mission, and is studying nursing at BYU.
She comes from a family with two other brothers.  One of them just got his mission call for the Virginia Chesapeake Bay mission!  That would be nuts.  She is very smart, and sweet.  She has been out for barely a year now!  She likes to do music with me, which makes me happy! We sing together in our apartment just for fun 🙂
Speaking of music, I picked up a new instrument, the tin whistle!  It’s a small flute, and even easier than the recorder, since it only has 6 holes– very inexpensive too!  I got mine back in February, and since then, a few other missionaries have bought them too.  I guess I’m not the only one desperate for a musical instrument!  Sister Montgomery is going to get one too, so we can play together 🙂
Tin Whistle!

Tin Whistle!

This week has been good. We had dinner with a Elder and Sister Couch, a senior couple that lives in our apartment complex.  They are always wonderful 🙂  They serve as military-relations missionaries, on the Marine base, Quantico.  I got to sing for them, and they told us about their hobby of dog training, and dog shows 🙂 pretty neat stuff!  They have made an amazing PowerPoint lesson for children showing about dog obedience, and correlating it to obedience in general and about how important it really is.  It is a great program and the kids love seeing it!
Yesterday we had a lesson with family where the parents are returning members, and the two boys (16 and 13) are recent converts.  We talked about faith in Jesus Christ, and started by talking about the song “I Know that My Redeemer Lives”.  We sang the song, shared what it made us feel, then read the scriptures and discussed these.  It was a very deep discussion, and I never imagined that using something so simple as a hymn for the lesson base could take up the whole time, but it did!  We all left the lesson with a really great feeling.
Here are some pictures from the ward’s 1-year anniversary party! 
The fun food for the event!

The fun food for the event!


Me and my Isabelle-look-alike!

Me and my Isabelle-look-alike!


All the kids scrambling for candy when the Piñata broke!!

All the kids scrambling for candy when the Piñata broke!!



Note from Mom:  This week I received a sweet email from Elder and Sister Couch!

“My husband and I are Sr. Military Relations Missionaries who live in the same apt complex as your daughter.  Friday we had her new companion Sis Montgomery and she over for dinner.  They were delightful conversationalists, and used excellent manners.  For her spiritual thought she sang a beautiful song (a folk type spiritual about Mary) she said was one of your favorites – she is so very talented!!!   As a mom I knew you would be so proud.  Thanks for all your work in preparing her to be here.  She is very much appreciated in this area.  Happy Mother’s Day!”

How fun is that?!?!  And yes that IS my favorite song.  🙂




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