All at once!



You may be wondering why I am emailing you so late today!  This is because 1,000,000 things have happened today.


We had to leave suddenly just when I started my emails this morning because of an awesome investigator, that we met just yesterday, and who is getting baptized on SATURDAY.  Yeah.  Taught him the first three lessons already today.  No big deal.  Seriously my brain kind of exploded after that.  I’ve never met someone THAT PREPARED.  WHAT EVEN IS THIS.  His wife is a member, and she has been attending temple prep classes, actually she just finished.  Anyway, he went to ALL THE TEMPLE PREP CLASSES WITH HER.  What better way is there to prepare an investigator?  He wants to go to the temple with his wife!  And he will do whatever it takes to get there!  We asked him all the baptismal interview questions, and he is READY.


Meeting this new investigator all started last Friday with a text message from the Bishop, “I have a brother [just a man, not his actual brother] who wants to be baptized.  Are you interested…?”  OF COURSE WE WERE.  So we met him at church on Sunday, yesterday.  Then as we were sitting down to do our emails this morning, he texted us to ask if we could come over today, instead of tomorrow (which was when we had originally set up our appointment).  We decided to go immediately, so we jumped in our car, and away we went!


So we taught him today, for the first time.  We taught him the first three lessons in 2 and a half hours!  It was SO MUCH!  He’s been investigating the church for a looong time.  He is in his late 20’s, and has been dating a member (now his wife) since he was 17.  He has been through a lot of missionaries, then one day, in temple prep, he realized he knew what he wanted.  And he wants it bad! S he just got her recommend to go to the temple for the first time, but now she is going to wait for him to go with her.  They are going to go do baptisms together though 🙂  Usually investigators do not get confirmed at their baptismal service, but instead at the next sacrament meeting (hence, most baptisms are held on Saturday), but since it is General Conference weekend, he will be an exception, and get confirmed right after he is baptized.  There have been a LOT of missionaries who have worked with him in the past, but he is ready now!  What a blessing!


Next thing that happened, ALSO today, we went to Zone P-day!  We played “Oompa Loompa”, which I’m sure you know how to play, but incase you don’t, I’ll explain: Imagine playing ultimate Frisbee, with a football, in a basketball court.  So we played that, but my companion got a wicked, I mean WICKED sprained ankle (trying to guard an Elder who is 6’3″) and we had to take her to an Instacare.  But all is well now…!  We just got back from that.  She will be in a boot for the next 3-4 weeks.   I feel so sorry for her!!


Give everyone a hug from me!  Have a wonderful week!


Love you,

🙂 Gotta run, bye!








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