I got the SWEETEST package this week from CONSTANCE LIEBER! What a surprise!! And it was so thoughtful!! She sent a little southern-summer-survival kit for me and my companion! She sent us EACH:
An electirc fan that can hang from your neck, for tracting
An ‘elegant’ fan, for church– beautiful and unique chinese fans with lace! So pretty!
And an electric fan with a spray bottle attached that can be filled with ice and water, for when nothing else helps. It’s just fantastic! I’m sure that I will be using these items a lot! 🙂  Will you please tell her how much I appreciate it?  She is sooo sweet!


All is well here, even with the snow! The roads look pretty good (through the window) and we should be able to get groceries shortly!

Our investigator texted us last night to tell us he doesn’t think he will be ready to be baptized on the date we had for him. He was doing so well, but it feels like he’s slipping through our fingers! We keep praying for him. Heartbreaking, but agency is real! We will continue to do everything we can to help him make the choice to enter the waters of baptism. It all has to be on the Lord’s time!




Transfer calls are this Saturday! PLUS I am singing in church on Sunday– More Holiness Give me. I love to share my testimony in that way 🙂


We had exchanges with the Sister Training leaders. That is always a wonderful experience, and I feel like I’m learning so much!


Also, a returning member that we’ve been meeting with, named Nick completed his first homework assignment! Ta-da! Success. It really hit home with him, and he connected with Joseph Smith a lot more, as he found he could relate with him. We read the Book of Mormon Title Page with him, and the testimony of the 3 and 8 witnesses, then asked him to read Joseph Smith History, and the testimony of Joseph Smith, and to answer some questions, along with a very detailed study method. It is a lot of work, but it PAYS OFF. Thanks to the case studies that our mission president sent us! Which I hear are excerpts from “The Power of Everyday Missionaries”…?


All is well! I will send you some pictures  🙂  I love you all so much!!!


Love, Sister Hollberg





Another license plate for the collection!

Another license plate for the collection!

So about these pictures — Trip back to Historic Occoquan!  We went to the little museum actually, and it was pretty neat!
This is a picture of two tragic geese, one missin it’s head and the other with a small stump for one of it’s legs.  Ok kidding, but it was funny how the picture turned out!!
This is a view of the DC South Mission border!  Scary!
And the end of a long day!!

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