So this week has been interesting!!  One of our recent converts, Argenis (are-jenny) didn’t tell us that his friend Jhony would be there!


-A little back ground on Jhony (that is correct spelling)!!  He is from Honduras, like Argenis, but unlike Argenis, he ONLY speaks Spanish.  We met him one day when Argenis brought him to church randomly.  We’ve been trying to get his contact info to the Spanish speaking missionaries for about a week, perhaps 2!


One day, we went to meet with Argenis, and right before we left to go, we find out Jhony will be there!  So what were we supposed to do with a willing investigator, but teach him the first lesson?!  We taught it of course!!  With Argenis translating.


We went to meet Argenis for another lesson, and surprise!!  Jhony was there again!  Not a bad thing, and what were we to do but teach him the next lesson?!  So we taught him the Plan of Salvation of course!  With Argenis translating.  It is a good thing that Argenis is so solid with the doctrine, we really had no worries about Jhony being taught something incorrectly.  All went well and Jhony wants to learn more!! 🙂


Argenis is really good at sharing the Gospel with his friends.  This is the 3rd friend he has had us teach!!  And the second who is seriously interested.  Just keep trying to share!  Eventually someone will be ready!  Anyway, we finally passed Jhony to the elders (sadly.  I want to keep teaching him!)  Also, it doesn’t matter what language you speak — the Spirit speaks ’em all!!

That’s what I learned by teaching Jhony!!


I am SO excited to hear that Ashley and Chris got engaged!!

And those new babies are SO cute!  I can’t wait to see them!!!!  🙂



Love to everyone back there,  I love you!  There will be more to come.

Sister Hollberg


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