Something sweet that happened this week:

I have to tell you about a neat thing that happened to us!

Sister Gale and I stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom.  When we were about to get out, I felt like I needed to bring some pass-a-long cards with me, that there was someone who we needed to talk to.  I didn’t say anything about this to Sister Gale, but just grabbed some cards.  She also felt this way, but didn’t say anything.  She got her planner and a pamphlet as we left the car.  On our way out of the gas station, a man approached us and asked us what church we were from.  We told him.  He told us that he was going through a very hard time and felt like God blesses and answers everyone else, but him.  We talked to him for a while, and listened to him. He really needed someone at that moment, and we were there to answer his questions, and help him to see that God was answering his prayer right then by sending us to him.  We prayed with him, and he was so grateful, he wanted to buy us whatever we wanted at the gas station (which we declined), but we will be teaching him again tomorrow!  Miracles of being in the right place at the right time, and having the spirit.

Funny license plate we saw!



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