February 10, 2014


The work is going great!  We have a baptism this Saturday for a young girl.  Her mom was baptized a few years ago, and has been taking her two girls to church since then.  The older one is 12 and the younger one is 7.  They have been coming to primary for years, and love the church.  Their dad hasn’t allowed them to be baptized though until they are 13, but, a little miracle, he has allowed the older one to be baptized now!  This is HUGE.  He was very firm on his rule.  But not only can the older girl get baptized, but the younger one can as well, when she turns 8 this July!  The girls are sweet, and it’s going to be a big blessing for them to have the Gift of the Holy Ghost guiding them in some of the most crucial years.  Ultimately, this is what convinced their dad.  He wanted them to have the Holy Ghost with them, so they would have that protection and guidance.


So some sad news, transfer calls were yesterday, and Sister Ence is leaving me!  Ah!  It’s ok though, because I know my next companion will be just what is needed here in Woodbridge.  Sister Ence will be finishing up someone’s training!  I know she will do an amazing job!!



So these pictures are of “Old Occoquan”!  The historic town by the Potomac River, which is the boundary of our mission!  It’s so fun and beautiful!  The stores are amazing, and they have some really beautiful original art around here, and a lot of galleries.  It’s great!  We went to Old Occoquan last p-day, and here are the pictures!  We ate at this little place called the “Virginia Grill” and it was SO GOOD!  I felt like Dagwood Bumstead eating that huge sandwich.  I was not expecting that!  Plus I got “Confederate Chili”, thought you ought to know.




















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