Lots of pictures to send this week! Here they come!

Our Apartment Complex!

Our Apartment Complex!


Historic Occoquan, check out the moss on this store!  Seriously!

Historic Occoquan, check out the moss on this store! Seriously!






The stone house is the house of one of our ward members.  It’s HUGE and I can’t even take a picture to get all of it.  Apparently there is a big ballroom that he rents out to a choreographer from “Dancing With The Stars”.DSCF0301



This blue lantern is something I found in our closet the other day, and we have it hanging in our bedroom!  It’s pretty cute.


The Brandon’s Flowers thing is for anyone out there who is a fan of The Killers.  Just a coincidence that there is a flower shop called this!




Aaaand these two pictures are of me holding some sugar gliders.  It was an interesting experience, as you can see from my face…



Gifts that people have given us! You never know what you’re going to get. Those seal socks are the saddest looking socks I have ever seen and expect to see ever again. I am temped to draw a small tear coming out of one eye, because it would be hilarious. Needless to say, they are now my favorite socks.


That marshmallow rose was from the step-mom of one of our investigators. We have never spoken to her, because she only speaks Spanish. Actually, we’ve only seen her in passing, but apparently she likes us enough to give us gifts, such as some off-brand strawberry flavored fig-newtons, this marshmallow thing, and some bottled orange juice? It’s all been good!


But that first bite is about all I could manage of that rose– wheew.








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