We weren’t able to attend before, because it’s two missions away (DC North Mission. We have to go completely through the DC South Mission to get to the temple), even though it’s only an hour away from me right now. We are able to attend under certain circumstances approved by the Mission President.
Everyone here is FREAKING OUT. This is HUGE! There are a few families in our ward that need to get sealed, and it would make my mission to be there with them! I really love these people, and I want nothing more than to see them in white at the alter in the temple, being sealed for time and all eternity as a family 🙂
We also made ‘stack-ups’ this week! They were a HIT! Sister Ence was thrilled, and I was too!

 We watched the Elder Tad R. Callister CES Devotional with the Perez family on Sunday night!! 
We were hoping that this would be a meaningful thing to be doing with this family tonight! After the devotional ended, Brother Perez (The Dad) said that the devotional answered a lot of questions that had been bouncing around in his mind. We were so relieved and knew we were guided in choosing to watch this with them that night. The devotional really was amazing though! The spirit really guided us. The speaker compared the Church of Latter-day saints side-by-side with the church set up by Christ during his ministry. The blueprints match up! 🙂 I encourage everyone to listen to/read/watch this devotional. You can find it on I’m sure!
The Perez family was so sweet and sent this picture via text to our moms back home.
And this is their dog ‘Thumper’.  But I’m not sure if he likes us very much!
I love you all!
Have a great week!
Sister Hollberg

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