Notice the cute little Llama pin on my sweater!  It came all the way from Hermana Hollberg in Peru — Thanks Hannah!!!
So I am in Woodbridge! It’s a little less than an hour outside of Washington DC and it is wonderful! It’s very different in feel from my other area, and isn’t really what you would call “the South” so much. There was something in Charlottesville that really embodied a lot of the feeling there that I never got a chance to actually take a picture of, but I will describe it to you– Right next to the church we attended in C-ville there was a trailer park. There was a big wooden fence surrounding it though, so it wasn’t as noticeable unless you were looking through the entrance. But when you could see inside, or when you were driving by, there was a flagpole that was always visible. Flying proudly on the flagpole was an old and incredibly tattered confederate flag. It was just a perfect image. Regrets for not getting that picture of it….
So Woodbridge is very different!!! It’s a suburb of DC, like I said! I’m pretty sure I now have the best living situation of any missionary in the world. My last apartment was pretty old inside, you would have cringed to see the antediluvian white (originally…) carpet. I’m sure compared to Hannah’s apartment, it might have been slightly better. But the place I’m now is…pretty cushy. With just me and my companion, we each have our own bathroom, a nice gym in our clubhouse, nice computers to use, and we’re on the 4th floor (with an elevator! So nice!). Plus we even have a balcony…..I feel so spoiled! I am just so thankful every day for everything we have here, and I still can’t believe it…! Maybe don’t tell Hannah about how nice it is here though…
Anyway, my companion is Sister Ence! She is from Kaysville, and so sweet! She is very smart, and has been out on her mission only one more transfer than me. She just turned 20 last month, and has been here for 9 weeks (she was emergency transferred here halfway through her second transfer, long story, a sister missionary got sick and had to move to an area near a hospital), and is so helpful in introducing me to people in the ward and the people we are visiting. We are the only missionaries in our ward, (a rare thing these days!) so there is a lot of work to be done! Our ward is the Woodbridge 2nd ward, and the members are incredible. They are so willing to help with anything, and are very supportive of less-active members and investigators. It’s nice to be in a family ward again! I have to get used to the kids making noises again though. We are memorizing the Living Christ together (starting from the beginning again) and we’re already making great progress.

I meant to take more pictures, but I forgot to! I’ll send more next week of the rest of our apartment.

Also, I’m so excited to hear that you’re studying the Old Testament. It really is wonderful, and testifies of Christ, even if you have to study a little deeper to see how and where it does in places. I’ve been reading through the Bible Dictionary, and it’s been extremely helpful in connecting the dots and understanding the symbolism of the Old Testament. I highly recommend doing this if that is what you are studying! I’ve been learning SO much! It brings the gospel full-circle in my mind with the Book of Mormon, and Doctrine & Covenants as well. Even the small and obscure entries have great importance and help me see the big picture. I’ve made it all the way to “Roll” (a scroll) and will be starting with “Roman Empire) tomorrow morning. It is not taking anywhere near as long as I thought it would to get this far.

Our kitchen

Our kitchen



Sister Hollberg


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