Happy New Year!

I loved skpying with all of you guys! Seeing everyone was the best! I could not believe how cute the twins are! So adorable! So I am being transferred! Sister Bailey is being transferred too! They are whitewashing us, and sending in new sisters, just like what they did with the Elders last transfer. Hermana Heibert will be staying here for her 6th transfer! Wow! A new Hermana will be coming in to be her new companion. I have no idea where I will be going though! All I know is that I am leaving. I won’t find out where I’m going until I’m at the transfer meeting this Thursday. I can’t wait to find out! I really hope I don’t get put on bike though…! Cross your fingers! It would be really fun to go to down-town Richmond, but that’s where everyone wants to go. I can’t believe that Hannah’s area is only 30-something square miles! My area right now is waaaaaay bigger than that! I guess that’s why we have a car.

So the pictures! The one with the fish.
Can you tell what kind they are? They’re bigger than my hand, but you can’t tell in the picture very well. They must have known I was taking a picture of them, because they posed perfectly above the skulls. We walked into a potential investigator’s home, and that was the first thing we saw. In their living room, they have a HUGE tank, with just these three fish in it! The tank is at least 6 feet long, and two feet thick, and three feet tall. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! Then when I got a closer look, I realized what kind of fish they were. Piranhas!!! Real ones! They said they feed them live fish. Crazy!!!
The blindfolded Elder:   So at our district meeting, the Zone Leaders decided to have an object lesson about companionship unity.  They had all the senior companions leave the room, before revealing a tray full of set mouse-traps!  They made a passage with two rows of chairs, then they set the traps out.  The missionaries in the hall had to remove their shoes and put on a blindfold, having no idea that they would be walking through mousetraps.  Then, the other companion had to guide them through the mousetraps, while they still had no idea how much danger was all around them!  It was so sad when the first missionary to walk through, a sister, actually got one stuck on her toe!  With no shoes on!  It’s a miracle she didn’t panic and step on another trap!  It was terrifying to watch!  In the picture, Elder Newmeyer is being guided by Elder Wong, from Taiwan– he doesn’t speak very much English, so Elder Newmeyer was really scared.  He knew something was up, but he didn’t know what.  Everyone was on edge!  Elder Newmeyer kept saying “Guys, my toe is already injured! It’s shivering already! If there are mousetraps, I am going to die!”  Apparently he had already stubbed it a few days before pretty bad.  The first thing Elder Wong says to him is “Can you jump two yard?”.  We all laughed, but he made it through without setting off a trap!  I guided Sister Bailey safely, and Sister Bailey was going to guide Hermana Heibert.  I was really nervous.  Hermana Heibert was so dizzy from being spun in a circle that she almost fainted actually!  She was swaying at the beginning of the course, so I ran up and grabbed her arm and got her to a chair.  It would have been disaster if she had fallen on the mouse traps!  She didn’t end up having to go through, but she was fine, just a little light-headed.  What a crazy object lesson…!  Thank heavens I didn’t have to go through though, I think I would have died.
Anyway, there’s a picture of me next to a VERY TALL, UNUSUALLY TALL, ODDLY TALL, cornfield.  You can’t tell in the picture, because of how EXCEPTIONALLY TALL the cornfield is, but I have actually grown quite a bit. Pity the cornfield has made me look so very short though!  I’m actually 6 feet tall now, almost 6’1″.  Believe it or not.
This house is just a beautiful southern house in the country. It’s HUGE.
Even bigger than it looks in the picture!  The other picture is of the front yard of the house.  It’s right next to a beautiful fishing pond.
Anyway, I have got to go, I love you!  I’ll send you my new address as soon as I can!  For now, don’t send any letters or packages!  Also, I returned the coat to TJ Maxx, no problem!  And I’ve been using the organizers!  I love them!  Happy New Year everyone!
PS the chickens, they randomly came out from under a house as we were ringing the doorbell.  This house was out in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE though, so it wasn’t THAT surprising.  🙂
 PPPS An Hispanic woman braided my hair.  She calls it a “dinosaur braid”.  She is a member we were visiting with Hermana Heibert.

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