Merry Christmas!

I’m sending some pictures from our mission Christmas party!


This is a picture of all of us who live in our apartment! The one on the far right just left for Argentina though 😦 Now we’re in a trio! And I’m half Hermana now…!



with the Sister Training Leaders

with the Sister Training Leaders


sisters who were in the MTC with me!

sisters who were in the MTC with me!


with the Wares

with the Wares


The Wares are a Senior missionary couple who are so kind to us and work closely with us 🙂


Sister Chen

Sister Chen

Sister Chen is a Temple Square missionary, here for her 6 months proselyting.  She is from Taiwan, and studying music!!  We’ve had some good conversations about classical music:)  Finally someone who speaks my language!


Our small 'Bethlehem Dinner"

Our small ‘Bethlehem Dinner”



Hermana Heibert crochets amazingly!  She made these hats so fast!  I blinked, and they were done!  Or so it seemed.  She made many hats for the families she teaches for Christmas.

LOOK AT THIS LITTLE GATITO! So cute! His name is coco, and he sat on my lap and tried to eat my hair while we watched Joy to the World at one of Hermana Heibert’s investigator’s



This is a super old diner we had lunch at on Saturday. It’s crazy! Really good, very very old-fashioned. It’s been here for almost a century, and basically hasn’t changed at all. It’s also a drugstore and pharmacy.



One of our YSA ward members is half-Peruvian, and Hannah will be happy to know I ate my first Alfajore! It was soooooo good. Homemade! 😀




This is a family that Hermana Heibert visits. They don’t speak English, but we went to their house and helped them decorate their house for Christmas, as well as shared a spiritual thought. They are investigating the church. I sang ‘Silent Night’ for them, in Spanish! They loved it 😀 They said I looked really young though haha…. They pointed to Hermana Heibert and said ’21’ (which is her actual age), to Sister Bailey ’19’ (again, correct) then to me ’15’. haha …..oh







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