So I didn’t get to tell you last week, but I was a Hermana for a day! Sister Bailey had to go to Richmond, so I was with the two hermanas who live with us. It was so fun! But I didn’t know a single word that was being said in the lessons… they taught me a couple phrases in Spanish though and I practiced reading 2 Nephi 2:25 like 1,000 times, but I still probably messed it up. It was so fun though! I will have to send you pictures of them next week. Also, we’ve been sharing the garland with them too! The Hermanas and Sister Bailey alternate on who opens a letter each day. They really love it!

Today we found a small grocery store called “Foods of All Nations”! It was kind of like Caputo’s and Harmons Emigration combined. So basically it was like home. I even found some real d’affinois!!!!!!! and bought it. But then of course I had to buy a baguette to make some crostini! And a little bit of olive oil. And some real chocolate. A little bit of a splurge! But totally worth it– basically my Christmas present to me haha I guess. I always share with the sisters I live with though! They love to try the chocolate, and learn about it, as well as the other foods I love from Caputo’s!
They canceled church this week… for snow! Well…”snow”. You will see what I mean in the picture. Seriously unbelievable! The roads weren’t even frozen. Literally 20 seconds after I took the pictures of our apartment, a snowplow drove right by. PLOWING NOTHING.
DSCF0135 edit
It is terrible that they canceled church, because we had an investigator and two less actives coming, as well as 2-3 potential investigators!!! Which never happens. THEN they canceled the General Christmas broadcast! But that was maybe for the best, because we went over to a couple less-actives’ apartment and watched it there with them. That was nice 🙂 Anyway, I don’t think I will need a bigger coat, I can make do with the ones I have.


I want to see the decorations in our house!

Love you all so much!!!! Bye!!! I LOVE THE LETTERS ALWAYS. The garland is the BEST. It’s the second thing I do every morning, right after prayers!!! love you bye!!!

Still making my snowflakes! Reminds me of home.

Still making my snowflakes! Reminds me of home.


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