This week…. has been a crazy one. Kind of an emotional roller coaster.  Our investigators are doing well. It seems like things are moving so slowly! But I know the Lord knows and is setting in motion the proper way, time, and place for these people to accept the gospel. We don’t see all the impact we make with everyone, but I know the Spirit is planting seeds.

Funny story this week! A couple of less-active members we meet with on Sundays seem to like meeting with us. One loves crafts and seems to always be trying out a new hobby. Lately, she’s been making earrings, and she usually makes me a new pair each time we go! I have three pairs now, and they’re so cute! One pair is actually a dangling feather– bright green, white, yellow, and black. So fun!
They are both pretty adamant on not going to church right now though, kind of that been-there-done-that attitude. They don’t really like it when we try to share spiritual messages, but little by little we’re getting them to be ok with it.
We have been invited to spend thanksgiving with Wesley’s parents! They are the nicest people! I’m so excited to be with them in their beautiful home. It’s so picturesque! I PROMISE I’ll send tons of pictures next week haha!
The Hermanas we live with are so fun. All 4 of us have actually written a song together! We practice it and harmonize in the evenings. Hermana Olsen plays the guitar, and it actually turned out really beautiful! I wish you guys could hear it–we’re all singing it at Zone meeting on Friday. Each of us wrote a verse, and we collectively added the harmonies. We each sing our own verses solo, and all join in on the chorus. I get to sing the bridge too though 🙂 I wrote the first verse! Here it is:
“How Shall This Be?
One calm night while in my room
An angel came to me
He hailed me and called me blessed
He said, ‘The Lord’s with thee’
I marveled at the words he spake
God’s precious and perfect lamb
Descending among mortals
Me, the mother of the great I Am?
How shall this be? (How shall this be?)
How shall this be? (How shall this be?)
How shall this be? (How shall this be?)
How shall this be? (How shall this be?)
The tempest rages round us
When there across the sea
My Master walks on water
And beacons ‘Come to me’
I hasten to my Savior
His out stretched hand is near
One more step before I ask
My faith sinks into fear
He knew what was to be
On that fateful day
In a quiet garden
When I heard him pray
Father I come now to thee
Father I am thy Son
Let this cup pass from me
But Thy will be done
With tears in my eyes
For a man such as He
He doesn’t deserve this
How shall this be?
He took the cross upon
Went willingly
He didn’t have to do it
But He gave his life for me
(Instrumental Interlude)
I doubted when they told me
That He had come again
‘Why seek ye the living
Among the dead?’
(……..ah I can’t remember this line…..)
I held his hand close to me
I didn’t have the faith before
Now I believe
Final Chorus:
I know He lives (He is my king)
I know He lives (My Lord and my God)
I know He lives (He is my king)
I know He lives


Here are some pictures! The weird imp/devil thing was outside a door that we were knocking on.  They also had the skeleton-flamingos outside. I get the feeling those decorations were an all-year thing haha.



There is palace we park by that has some pretty cool graffiti!




Also, look a sister from the family ward is serving in SLC!! Ask the Sister Missionaries if they know her…! But I think our house is in the SLC East mission, right?


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