Ward YSA missionary plan

We’ve been meeting with a lot of the ward members recently.  We introduce the ward mission plan to them, ask them for their conversion story (whether or not they are a convert!), and then we share our favorite scriptures.  I wanted to extend the same challenge to all of you that we give to them with the ward mission plan:

The first part of the ward mission plan is the blog– the members post missionary experiences on it, or their testimony, or anything ! Try to find it.  (We can’t see it, but it’s on WordPress, and probably has something about “Charlottesville YSA in the title.)   http://charlottesvilleysa.wordpress.com/

The second part is studying chapter 6 in preach my gospel.  DO IT.  It’s online!  When you are working to become more Christ-like, others will notice it!!

Part 3 is “Our Gift To Christ”.  Pick someone you know who is struggling– member, less active, non-member, ANYONE, and try to share the light of Christ with them all the way to Christmas!  This is your ‘gift’ to Christ!  Serve them in any way!  Share your testimony!  Share your favorite scripture!  Write them a nice note!!  Doing part 2 of the plan will GREATLY help this part of the plan!

So the week in Charlottesville!

Also, we thought that we only got fed by the members a few times a month because it’s a YSA ward, and everyone’s a poor college kid.  But apparently the YSA Elders are getting fed ALL THE TIME by the RM’s (returned missionaries) in Elder’s Quorum, because they know what it’s like!  The Relief Society is in charge of feeding us, but not very many of them have served missions, so we only get fed 2 or 3 times a month!  Sad day haha.  But it’s all good 🙂  I don’t mind making my own dinner, and I definitely can.

We had stake conference this weekend.  They asked me to direct all the missionaries in our stake in (you guessed it) “Called to Serve” at the adult session on Saturday night.  That was fun haha.  We didn’t ever get a chance to practice, but lets be real here, we all know it by heart haha.  Unfortunately the member who was giving us a ride was terribly late (GPS issues) and we LITERALLY MADE IT IN THE NIC OF TIME.  We walked in the doors, and all the missionaries were filing up to the front.  SO SCARY.  We had planned to leave an hour and a half early, but barely made it in time.  Plus there was such bad fog when were driving up!  It was about 40 miles away.  The fog was so dense on the freeway, we could not see farther than a yard in front of the car at times.  We said a prayer that the fog would clear, and not one minute later, it cleared!  Miracle.

One of our investigators is losing her interest… it’s so hard to watch!  But we can’t force anyone of course.  We have tried everything, but we just can’t get a hold of her!  We are going to try a few more times.

But another one of our investigators texted us this week out of the blue and said “I just wanted to tell you how gad I am to meet with you guys.  I never knew you could pray for more faith before, and since I’ve been trying it, it’s been working!”  Those texts are the best!  It was an amazing lesson we had with her earlier that week.  We had planned a totally different lesson than the one the Spirit told us to teach when we were at the lesson.  It was just what she needed!  We’re now encouraging her to get a priesthood blessing.  We know that will help her have the courage to take more steps in the gospel.

Transfers came and went, but we’re staying!  My trainer just finished her second transfer, and I just finished my first.  So crazy!  Time flies.

Love to everyone!!!!

Sister Hollberg

P.S.  Also, the sisters and I in our apartment are writing a song in the evenings. More on that later!!! Or next week!!!



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