Dear Everyone!

Dear Everyone!!

Ok so this week!  It was a little slower, missionary work wise–It’s hard when there are holidays!  We have to be very careful because of all the college parties that are going on.  We have special restrictions about when and where we can tract.  Frat houses = not a good place to tract.  Frat houses on Halloween = even worse.  But we were able to get a less active (Hunter!) to come to the CES devotional yesterday!  That was great!  But the devotional was a little unusual haha, if any of you watched it.  It was…interactive… which makes for really odd when it’s a broadcast at your bishop’s house.  We have been tracting at lot at a place called Wahoo Way, making our way through an apartment complex, something akin to Liberty Square, but bigger.  So far not a TON of luck, but we keep going back because that’s where all the YSA’s who don’t live in Frat or Sorority houses live.  We have been meeting with a less active we found named Juwan, who is so nice!  He has the biggest smile, the nicest grandmother, and a real desire to come back to church.  He says he hasn’t been to church in a ‘minute’, but wants to figure out how to fit church back into his busy schedule– he’s working really hard, because he just got accepted into college in NC, where he’ll be moving in January.  We’re working really hard to get him to come back to church and be strong, so he won’t slip away when he moves again.  Unfortunately, we keep missing him!  Sometimes we stop by twice a day, but he’s always working!  We’ll get him though!
We met Mary Caroline’s LDS boyfriend, who just submitted his own mission papers!  Things are going well with her, we think she’s starting to get her answer!  We just have to help her recognize that.  She tells us how the other girls in her christian sorority will say things about God or religion that just don’t sit well with her, like God being so distant, and not really our Father in Heaven, and how Mormons’ emphasis on choice degrades Christ’s Atonement, and that God will just let everyone come back to live with him, no matter their choice.  We sent her some Mormon Messages (a couple of our favorite!), namely “Earthly Father, Heavenly Father” and “Mountains to Climb” (that one always makes me cry!)  She said it made her cry too.  Then she just kept watching them on her own!  She said she loved “My Brother Hyrum”.  She said she was crying so hard.  We love her!!  She is so close!  Now we’re just trying to teach her why it is important to know, and how we know that this is truly God’s church on the earth!  She is confused by that, but we told her that the only one who can really confirm that to her is God.  We fasted for her on Sunday.  We’ll see what happens when we see her next!
So look at this cute little girl! Her name is HANNAH! And she has strawberry blonde hair! She is Pat and Dennis’s granddaughter (the ones I sang for!)
The other picture is Sister Bailey and I, with Pat! Her husband had to take the picture, so he couldn’t be in it haha.
Beautiful fall! And this isn’t even the most beautiful of it! I love the clouds. Gives you a sense of vastness that the mountains sometimes cut off in Utah. Although I could do with some mountains again, let me tell you. *pffft* blue ridge ‘mountains’.
Once a month, my ward has a hat and sweater Sunday!  The brothers wear sweaters, ad the sisters wear hats!  So southern haha!  Love it!  I REALLY wish missionaries were allowed to wear hats!   I’m really missing my fedora!  Oh well though haha.
Well I gotta go now, we were a little late getting to the computers today so we don’t get the full time….
Love you!
Sister Hollberg


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