Week 1! And 1 Day!

Ok I don’t have much time to write, but here it is. I will probably have to send you pictures later today! I know Mom has been checking her email since 7:00 this morning.

First few days were more difficult, but after Sunday, everything is much easier!  I feel really good about teaching, and my companion is great!  Her name is Sister Rollins, and she is from Las Vegas!  She has dark brown hair with those perfect natural curls.  So jealous!  But she’s jealous of my hair.  We think we are going to trade.  She has a strong testimony, and I couldn’t BELIEVE how much we have in common!  She’s the first missionary in her family, and she has a lot of the same interests that I have!  She has as much nail polish as I do at home.  Not with her of course!  Everyone is so nice.  I love my district!  We’re all either going to Richmond VA or to Charleston WV.  There are three Sister-Companionships, and two Elder-companionships.  Three of the sisters are going to VA, and three are going to WV.  As for the elders, two are going to VA and two to WV as well.  I am going to miss these people when I get out there! But I know I have made life long friends.
Learning and Teaching:
I have the greatest teachers!  They really bring the Spirit into class,  and answer our questions thoughtfully.  We work hard, but I don’t feel that tired during class and study time.  At night, yes.  Absolutely.  So we do a TON of roll-playing activities and teaching practices.  We have to choose a non-member or less-active person we know, and get into their character, while being taught by someone else.  No worries Tom, I don’t use you as a character haha. But it’s great!  Teaching and lesson planning are really my strong-points.  My companion is a little more hesitant, but we’re both still learning. having the Spirit at all times is amazing.  I feel like everything I’ve learned in seminary and my BYU Religion classes is brought right back the surface.  I’m really glad I worked hard and studied hard in those classes.  I really love Preach My gospel, and I have some cool stories about it!  No I haven’t gotten the chance to sing, and I won’t here, because they don’t allow MP3 players of any type, even if it’s a recorded accompaniment.  I’d have to find someone to accompany (another missionary), and they would have to practice, THEN we’d have to audition before the mission president’s wife.  And even then, it’s still just a possibility.  TOO MUCH HASSLE.  Plus who has time to practice the piano here?  No one.  I will sing when I get out into the field!  Then I can have my music.  The rules here are really strict, like “No singing Happy Birthday” in the cafeteria, and “no dancing in the gym” and “NO FUN EVER” haha just kidding about the last one.  We have fun in other ways.  Like watching our progressing investigators.  They have actors that come in and pretend to be non-members (or ARE non-members. you don’t technically know) and you teach them every week.  Or more.  I SWEAR ours was a non-member, but most are converts who just play themselves as they had the lessons themselves.  Ours was really really hard.  But we loved it!  Learned so much!
Anyway! I love you all and miss you!  But I’m not homesick…haha don’t take that in the wrong way though!  Lots of people are, but I guess everything’s good!?  I love getting the dear-elder letters nightly from Mom!  But if any of you want to send me a quick note, even just a sentence, it’s free! And I get it the same day 🙂
I fly out on Wednesday morning, but I have to be awake at 2:30.  Then we stop in Michigan I think.  Then on to Virginia!

Love you all!! Thanks for the letters and emails! I absolutely love it!


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